Big Rock Candy Mountain

Slow Dirt



Digital Natives

The Games are Open – Köbberling & Kaltwasser

False Creek – T + T (Tony Romano and Tyler Brett)

Phinnagins Wyaake – Aaron Carpenter

Park – Marko Simcic

  • Kevin Griffin. “When a greenway becomes a park-ing lot.” Vancouver Sun, 29 Nov. pg. F14 2008.
    ”Once placed on the street in spots used by people to park their cars, its physical presence should call attention to how the city’s urban space is used – especially how much land is set aside for parking so-called
    useful motorized vehicles.”
  • Robin Laurence. “Looking for a place to Park.” Georgia Straight, 2-8 Jan. page 27 2009.
    “Park creates a tension Simcic observes, between the public and the private. Between our sense of sharing and our sense of entitlement. Between our culture, domestic culture, and visual culture.”

Vox Pop – Antonia Hirsch