Foreshore Immersive revisits the presentation format of past 2016-17 Foreshore sessions. This new iteration explores critical ideas and research from artists, writers and thinkers who are working to address the many uncertainties and challenges of our present time. Foreshore Immersive will assess the ever changing conditions of public spaces at this phase in the pandemic, survey ongoing urgencies of climate crises, explore ways of applying queer theory to maritime disaster and colonial failure, and celebrate the resurgence of Indigenous-led forms of scholarship and leadership. Join us for upcoming events. More info…


FLEET is a project that will design, construct and deploy a number of small studios throughout the City of Vancouver to serve as non-habitable, artist-production workspaces on a temporary basis. Construction is currently underway at Granville Island where we are building the first two FLEET Mobile Artist Studios. FLEET working group looks forward to sharing a project website, programming news and the first two locations where we will place these studios in early 2024. More updates coming soon.


A collaboration with Host Consulting and the Blue Cabin, Sovereign Waterways offers the opportunity to explore an enriched and deeper understanding of the ongoing presence and histories of Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh nations on the waters where the Blue Cabin floats. With artworks that respond to changing conditions, this project speaks to the pressing need to support and further important dialogues about sharing public spaces on unceded territories. To view the three artworks installed at the cabin visit our project page. You can also purchase a limited edition print of each of the artworks.


Plenty of new content has been added to Currents and Waves radio over the past few months. From radio dramas and experimental audio works to audio zines and tidal predictions. This broadcast platform features over 100 contributors. Tune in anytime, it runs 24 hours a day. currentsandwaves.ca


Blue Cabin Floating Artist Residency was created to honour and sustain creative engagement with the city’s foreshores, sites that are critical to our local ecosystem and to Vancouver’s early development, holding the forms of many shifting and overlapping histories. Currently based at Imperial Landing in Steveston the Blue Cabin has just started a monthly donation campaign if you would like to support the programs and residencies that run throughout the year. Visit the Blue Cabin website for information forthcoming and past events, residencies and programming.