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The Foreshore: Session 9. Arianne Gelardin on addressing America’s sociopolitical climate through art and public engagement; and Lisa Prentice on politics, therapy and organizing.

The Foreshore: Session 9

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The Foreshore: Session 9

Gelardin will present a selection of projects from StoreFrontLab’s (San Francisco) current season of installations, happenings, discussions and workshops that address America’s sociopolitical climate using the agency of art and public engagement. The series, entitled NOW!, invites an evaluation of progress and demands an end to regressive values through direct action and counteraction.

Prentice asks do therapeutic practices and theories help or hinder social change? Considering the longstanding frictional relationship between Marxism and Freudian theory to the endpoint of today’s tendency to look for an analysis of political events in psychological terms, it would seem that therapy and politics make uneasy bedfellows.