15 Years of Other Sights Projects

Posted on Apr 29, 2020 in Events

Other Sights was founded in the spring of 2005. This year, 2020 marks the organization’s 15th year in operation.

Four of the Organization’s founders remain committed as Producers with Other Sights, Lorna Brown, Barbara Cole, Colin Griffiths and Marko Simcic. The fifth founder, Patrik Andersson has also remained involved with the organization as a Producer and also as a Board Member. In 2011, Other Sights added Vanessa Kwan and Jen Weih to the producer team.

Throughout the month of May, Other Sights will be sharing stories and memories of past projects as well as highlighting key moments in the organization’s history. Please join us on social media to read about memories of past projects and see some behind the scenes images.

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