Bioplastics workshop Branscombe House

Posted on Apr 17, 2023 in Blue Cabin, Events

Join Blue Cabin Floating Artist in Residence Michelle-Marie Letelier on Saturday April, 22 from 1-4pm for a Bioplastics workshop at Branscombe House on Musqueam, Kwantlen and Tsawwassen territories. Register Here.

About the workshop⁣

On Saturday, April 22, join current Blue Cabin artist in residence Michelle-Marie Letelier as she leads a hands-on session at the historic Branscombe House, sharing various bioplastics fabrication processes and applications. Bioplastics are materials made from natural and renewable polymers, and participants of this workshop will have the opportunity to create their own samples of bio-based textiles while learning about their history, applications and their role in Letelier’s current artistic practice. This workshop is open to anyone, from individuals curious about plastic alternatives to artists interested in artmaking with biomaterials.

This workshop is free and no artistic experience is necessary. Adults and children over 12 accompanied by an adult⁣ may attend.

About the artist in residence

Michelle-Marie Letelier is a Chilean artist and researcher based in Berlin. Her multidisciplinary work orchestrates transformations of ‘natural resources’, alongside extensive wide-ranging, interdisciplinary research into the sea-landscapes where their exploitation and speculation take place. Through her work, she blends different epochs, regions and societies, examining political-economic, historical and cultural aspects.⁣

This residency is presented in partnership with the City of Richmond and Branscombe House Artist Residency. Throughout 2023, we are working with Branscombe House to provide accommodations for our residents and co-host public programs. For more details about Michelle-Marie’s residency and our partnership with Branscombe House, go to

About the residency

This residency will facilitate the continuation of Transhemispheria, an ongoing artistic research that explores cross-hemispherical relations, with regard to different tensions: the kinship, insertion, farming and impact of salmon; the anthropocentric management and manipulation of living marine resources, and the coexistence and disappearance of ancestral knowledge under artistic & scientific understandings. Its main objective is to provide a reflection on these issues through a series of artworks and to stimulate an interdisciplinary debate between local, artistic, philosophical, scientific and indigenous communities in the so-called Global North and Global South. Michelle-Marie Letelier will host an open studio at the Blue Cabin on April 29th.

Part of this project is The Poetry: a performative work involving oneiric and poetic knowledges alongside biomaterial explorations, open to possible collaborations with members of Coast Salish communities. These material explorations will be also part of The Ethos: a collective performative work whose initial device has been a role-play. The Ethos is being adapted to a theatre play in collaboration with Reactor in Basel, Switzerland, and Canadian-born, Norway-based marine biologist Karin Pittman. This play has been commissioned for the upcoming exhibition Experimental Ecology at Kulturstiftung Basel H. Geiger (KBH.G) in August-October 2023.