Posted on Sep 22, 2022 in Blue Cabin, Events

Over the past few months we have been adding new programs to the Currents and Waves radio platform. Tune in and listen to fascinating and challenging conversations as well as hypnotic and transcendent song.


Several panels from the Unmoored, Adrift, Ashore Symposium at Emily Carr University of Art + Design from May, 2022. Programs play on Mondays, Tuesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. The symposium included a series of examinations emerging from Indigenous and post-colonial thought that offer conceptions of water as a central component for decolonizing and disrupting conventional understandings of identity, borders, ownership and other forms of relations that stretch beyond territorial and commodity logics. Including artistic and poetic imaginaries in the focus on Pacific regions, Unmoored, Adrift, Ashore builds on the renewed emphasis on transregional Oceanic studies to address the urgencies of our shifting ecological context. The Symposium was created and convened by Jamie Hilder (ECUAD), Anselm Franke (HKW), Denise Ryner (Or Gallery), Jordan Wilson (NYU).

New music! Theory of Ice is a powerful act of world-building and creative sovereignty by Michi Saagig Nishnaabeg writer, scholar, and musician Leanne Betasamosake Simpson. You can hear her music on Fridays and Saturdays. This new album, Theory Of Ice is the result of an ongoing practice in the poetics and aesthetics of musical relationship, the material originating in written poetry, and worked into surprising, richly organic, song-forms through a collaborative generative process with bandmates Ansley Simpson and Nick Ferrio, producer Jonas Bonetta (Evening Hymns), and producer Jim Bryson.

Hear a Sami Yoik sung to the salmon skull that is part of Michelle-Marie Letelier’s The Bone VR installation where visitors can experience virtual reality inside the skull of a wild salmon as it swims through water. Profoundly inspired by Dr. Martin Lee Mueller’s book Being Salmon, Being Human, these narrations address ethical and ecological issues related to salmon farming, domestication and coexistence with this species, from a non-anthropocentric, eco-philosophical and indigenous perspective. The real and virtual space is welcomed by a Yoik, yoiked by Sámi artist and academic Ánde Somby specially for this salmon, providing a unique echo and spaciality to this VR installed inside an old fishing boat. You can hear the Yoik on Thursdays on Currents and Waves.