Posted on Jun 17, 2022 in Blue Cabin, Events

In December of 2021 Carmen Papalia led a workshop entitled: Open Access Setting a New Standard for Cultural Accessibility.

In this workshop about creative and justice-oriented accessibility practices, nonvisual social practice artist Carmen Papalia introduced participants to his 2015 Open Access manifesto, a conceptual framework for accessibility that moves beyond compliance-level measures with guidelines for mutual care. Papalia shared the ideas that have guided his work and advocacy over the last 10 years, including the principles of Disability Justice and the work of figures in the broader disability movement. Participants had the opportunity to reconsider how they approach accessibility and public engagement towards the beginnings of a new practice of accessibility that honours disability culture in its wholeness.

This workshop was intended as a point of departure, a context where participants could determine what accessibility means when it is approached as an ongoing creative process that is guided by community needs.


Images: Graphic Recording from the workshop in December drawn by Annalee Korenelsen from