Coastal Camera Obscura III

Posted on Apr 23, 2023 in Events

Donald Lawrence who worked with Other Sights in 2017 to create Coastal Camera Obscura is producing a third iteration his obscura in partnership with the Comox Valley Art Gallery.


Created by Donald Lawrence, a floating camera obscura in the waters surrounding Pelxqikw and K`ómoks — Goose Spit and Comox — is a locus for encouraging broad-ranging audiences to consider histories of the surrounding lands and of the interplay between art/science and learning/play while engaging in a micro-adventure.

Experience the Coastal Camera Obscura III on the waters surrounding Pelxqikw and K`ómoks — Goose Spit and Comox. Participants will enter the floating, tent-like structure during kayak visits facilitated by the artist Donald Lawrence. May 13 – 15, 2023 — Guided visit times to be announced.

Also on is the installation at Comox Vallery Art Gallery (Open Wednesday – Saturday, 10AM – 5PM): Images, drawings, concept models + plans, and publications that describe the development and site-specific presentations of the three iterations of the Coastal Camera Obscura that have been developed to date.

This event is part of the convergent program:
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