Currents and Waves Radio

Posted on Jan 13, 2020 in Events

Other Sights has created radio station in tandem with The Future is Floating project in Sydney, Australia. Currents and Waves radio is now live and features contributions from over 150 artists, activists, scientists and musicians. 

A live streaming program of experimental sound, environmental recordings, artist talks, artist performances, presentations, music and much more Currents and Waves explores the question of “how do we occupy space differently”. It undulates and oscillates throughout the program. Flowing from January 13 to January 26, currents and waves will broadcast 24 hours a day in Sydney, and across the pacific in Vancouver – all via internet streaming. Curated by Other Sights as a way to situate oneself outside the realm of the visual, this rich audio program encourages an awareness and exploration of ‘what cannot be seen’ as central to a richer understanding of public space.

Using the fluid-structure of tidal forecasts currents and waves expands on the themes of Other Sights’ parallel Sydney Festival program the future is floating – a floating exchange between 16 artists from Canada and Australia. The Future is Floating explores radical ways of reconfiguring relationships, language, community, migration, and nationhood. Similarly and concurrently via Currents and Waves, ideas will propagate and drift through a range of topics including language resurgence, crisis, resilience, arrivals and departures, the foreshore, deep listening, and Indigenous activism. Currents and Waves program-formats range from podcasts and radio-dramas to experimental audio-zines, music and live-feed nature reserve broadcasts.

This radio project is produced by Other Sights for Artists Projects and Sydney Festival. Currents and Waves radio is curated by Sunshine Frère and Lorna Brown. It is supported by the Canada Council for the Arts, the British Columbia Arts Council and the Government of British Columbia.

Currents and Waves radio program is available for streaming at: