Farewell and Best Wishes to Vicki Couzens

Posted on Nov 1, 2019 in Events

The Blue Cabin Floating Artist Residency has been graced with Vicki Couzens as the first ever official artist in residence. As her time at the cabin draws to a close we wish Vicki the very best and look forward to staying connected with her and watching her practice continue to flourish. 

Photo: Australia Council for the Arts

Vicki hosted many events during her residency and offered so much time to engage and share with visitors and guests to the cabin. As well as an established interdisciplinary artist, Vicki’s possum skin cloak making practice has placed her as having a central role in the revival of the important tradition which began in Victoria and is now established across south-eastern Australia. We thank Vicki for sharing a bit of this practice in two different possum skin wristband workshops among her other events.