Posted on Aug 1, 2023 in Events

Other Sights is hiring a Programming Lead for FLEET Project.

Participants from 2022 FLEET Community Consultation Sessions on Granville Island

FLEET is a creative approach to complement ongoing efforts to build more studio opportunities for artists. Responding to the loss of arts and culture hubs across Vancouver, FLEET is a multi-year project that aspires to plan, design and, pilot a FLEET of moveable studios for working artists. The project will place these studios on a temporary basis throughout the city and manage their ongoing use. FLEET working group undertook a significant amount of community consultation over the past three years, resulting in project recommendations and a Feasibility study.

Other Sights has raised capital funds for the construction of 1-3 FLEET units and is currently working to put together a small team to complete the build. FLEET’s visible presence will draw attention to Vancouver’s artistic community’s space deficit while foregrounding the need to share the public spaces of the city more equitably.

About the Role

This is a hands-on project that involves coordinating with FLEET working group, Other Sights, and potential site and programming partners (municipalities, non-profits, Indigenous Host Nations, community organizations, or private developers) in order to develop, oversee, and implement FLEET’s inaugural year of programming for two FLEET studios.

How to Apply

Please apply with a cover letter and CV. Please share with us your interest in the role and outline your experience in programming, arts production, and festival or events coordinating.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: September 28, 2023

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