FLOOD (Displaced Horizon) – Now Installed

Posted on Apr 29, 2020 in Events

The FLOOD (Displaced Horizon) billboards have been installed as part of Capture Photography Festival. Other Sights was planning an event to celebrate this public outdoor billboard project, however, due to Covid-19 and social distancing measures in place, that is no longer feasible. Alternatively, we’ve prepared a video about the project that features photographer Howard Ursuliak and two of the four Other Sights producers who worked on the project: Lorna Brown and Marko Simcic. The video will provide insight into the material process behind the billboard creation as well as the conceptual and aesthetic choices made by the group. We will share the video with you soon! In the meantime, if you would like to visit the billboards in person, all four billboards from this series are installed on Expo Boulevard and they will remain up until May 15th.

FLOOD (Displaced Horizon) is a series of images located on four billboards facing east and west on Expo Boulevard between Carrall and Abbott Streets in Northeast False Creek. Working in collaboration with the Other Sights team, Howard Ursuliak photographed features of the neighbourhood’s shorelines and skylines in a standard digital format, and worked with Kyle Juron to print and manipulate the images while still wet, folding the horizon in and behind the foreground. These tactile compositions—pleated into the correct billboard ratio—were then re-photographed. Towering glass buildings are glimpsed behind a forest of wharf pilings; flotillas of pleasure craft collide with waterfront properties on the swell formed by the folded paper. Placed back into the site of False Creek, FLOOD (Displaced Horizon) triggers and disturbs our recognition of the familiar surroundings and iconic details of urban Vancouver.