Group Search / Memory Palace – Book Publication

Posted on Jan 28, 2013 in Publications

image of cover of Vancouver public library interior

Group Search & Memory Palace, 2006-2007

Inside the Library Curatorial Initiatives

A project of the City of Vancouver Public Art Program
in partnership with Other Sights for Artists’ Projects and Doryphore Independent Curators
Lorna Brown and Karen Love, Editors

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Soft Cover
full colour
110 pp

Other Sights for Artists’ Projects and Doryphore Independent Curators, the Vancouver Public Library and the City of Vancouver Public Art Program are delighted to announce a new publication that documents Group Search and Memory Palace, presented as part of Inside the Library Curatorial Initiatives. In a program running from September 2006 to February 2010, these distinct projects commissioned artists to investigate the potential of the diverse public space of the Vancouver Public Library’s Central Branch while addressing the broader philosophical and symbolic meanings of `the library’. Designed by Mark Timmings in a `tumbler’ format, the book brings together into one volume full colour reproductions of nine site-specific art projects along with essays by Renee Baert, Colin Browne, Vanessa Kwan, Derek Simons, Jordan Strom and the project curators, Lorna Brown and Karen Love.

Curated by Lorna Brown, Group Search [art in the library] presented six projects by Antonia Hirsch, Mark Soo, Marina Roy, Jillian Pritchard & Dan Starling, Laiwan and Kathy Slade in the spaces and systems of the Vancouver Public Library Central Branch. Whether working with the library collection, or creating installations or performances, the artists drew upon a fascination with languages, organizational systems, and popular or specialized culture in all its forms.

Memory Palace [3 artists in the library], curated by Karen Love, presented three projects by Angela Grauerholz, Carol Sawyer and Esther Shalev-Gerz. The resulting artworks took the form of installations in the public areas of the library and atrium, bringing forward the artists’ perceptions of the multifarious roles of the book, and the systems, sociality and sensuality of the spaces in which books circulate.