Posted on Oct 1, 2018 in Big Rock Candy Mountain, Events, Open House

November 1 – December 15, Western Front

Join artists Hannah Jickling and Helen Reed at the Western Front on October 31st at 5 pm as they celebrate the opening of their exhibition Mouthfeel. This exhibition work is part of the multi-year interdisciplinary project Big Rock Candy Mountain.

Mouthfeel will provide a contextual history to the QA CHEW’S BUBBLE TROUBLE commission that took place over 2017-2018. The exhibition features several artworks that were shown to students during the gum’s research phase.

This includes Dina Danish’s Brass Replica of Stone Age Chewing Gum (2013), Diane Borsato’s Artifacts in my Mouth (2003), and a number of Salt Licks, abstract forms created by cows who lick whorls into 50-lb cubes of salt and minerals used to provide them with essential nutrients. These surprising sculptures are presented at Whit Deschner’s annual Great Salt Lick contest, and are on loan from ranchers in Oregon.

The unlimited edition of QA CHEW’S BUBBLE TROUBLE will be available for free during the opening reception at the gallery on the 31st, available for purchase after that. The MOUTHFEEL exhibition runs from November 1 – December 15.