October Blue Cabin Events

Posted on Oct 2, 2019 in Events

Vicki Couzens is hosting an Open Studio at the Blue Cabin on October 26th from 11 am – 4 pm. Join us to hear Vicki speak to her traditional practice of possum skin cloak making as well as her multi-disciplinary creating. 

“It was a call from the Ancestors to re-awaken the longlines of Possum Cloak Story, to return the cloaks to our People, to reclaim, regenerate, revitalize and remember – that is the Old Peoples’ story and our journey is to carry this vision forward.” – Vicki Couzens (courtesy of the Australian Council for the Arts)

Vicki will also host a possum skin wristband weaving workshop on October 19th at the Blue Cabin from 1pm. Learn the techniques that go into this historical practice from Vicki – who is widely known for her central role in the revival of this important tradition. 

Both events will take place at the Blue Cabin, Plaza of Nations, Aquabus Ferry Dock, False Creek (750 Pacific Boulevard).