February Blue Cabin Events

Posted on Jan 29, 2021 in Events

Local artist Pippa Lattey who is currently working at the Blue Cabin Floating Artist Residency has some upcoming events for the community.

Lattey will be giving an artist talk online on February 3 at 7pm. Learn about Lattey’s incredible kinetic sound sculpture programmed to follow local tide data. In 2017, Pippa inherited the piano of Al Neil—who occupied the Blue Cabin and used it as a studio for over 50 years— shortly before Neil passed away. During a mentorship project with Luke Blackstone, Lattey developed the concept to lift and rotate the piano and with Blackstone’s help, she built the kinetic sculpture that is now in the Blue Cabin for the duration of Lattey’s residency.

Also connected to Lattey’s residency, her partner Thomas Evdokimoff has been operating a live open mic from the cabin that streamed to the world-wide soundmap at Locusonus.org. In conjunction with the open mic project, Evdokimoff made several field recordings from the cabin and surrounding area. He also did some field recordings from the Blue Cabin’s original location, near Whey-ah-Whichen (Cates Park) on the north shore. Evdokimoff’s interest in field recording and live audio streaming is in the exploration of intersections of place, usage, and acoustic ecology; the daily rhythm of life, the ephemeral nature of live sound, and the passage of time.

Evdokimof’s work will continue to be broadcast on www.currentsandwaves.ca over the coming months playing on Thursdays at 9:18am and 9:18pm. Tune in and listen to the sounds of the foreshore.

Image 1: The Blue Cabin at Cates Park, 2014, photo by John Ward

Image 2: The Blue Cabin at Plaza of Nations, False Creek, 2019