Skeins Artists in the news

Posted on Nov 8, 2021 in Events

In early 2021, Debra Sparrow, Angela George, Skwetsimeltxw Willard (Buddy) Joseph and Chepximiya Siyam’ Janice George worked with architects Herzog & de Meuron to redesign the facade of the proposed new Vancouver Art Gallery.

In 2015, the exterior cladding material of the Vancouver Art Gallery was planned to be wood. In the newly presented version, it will be glass. And after consultation and discussion with these master weavers, it will now also be wrapped by a metal copper-coloured weave that is approximately one foot thick. The new facade references Coast Salish weaving tradition.

“As weavers, we were asked to bring our art to the table,” said Janice George, an expert weaver and educator. “And now the whole building is wrapped in copper strands.” She added: “It will change the feel of the city, no doubt about it.”

Angela George, Janice George, and Buddy Joseph held residencies at the Blue Cabin during 2019-2020. In February of 2022, the Blue Cabin looks forward to welcoming Debra Sparrow as the fourth and final Skeins: Weaving on the Foreshore artist in residence.


1) Rendering of the copper-coloured weave on the exterior of the new Vancouver Art Gallery Building.

2) Still from a video of Janice George and Buddy Joseph speaking about the significance of this project to MST and to Vancouver. (watch full video here: