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This summer Other Sights looks forward to working with a UBC Sustainability Scholar on Fraser River Estuary Programming for Currents and Waves. The call for UBC scholar applicants for the role is currently open until January 29th.

About the Role:
Other Sights would like to work with a Sustainability Scholar who will create an engaging audio program that explores the Fraser Estuary (FE) which will be incorporated into our organization’s Currents and Waves Radio program. The student would be responsible for researching and selecting 12-24 hours of audio programs that will be incorporated into the Fraser Estuary once weekly broadcast. The content can be sourced from existing recordings or also generated anew.

Programs can be varied in nature, from recorded conversations with their peers on Estuary research initiatives and ambient environmental recordings, to pre-recorded environmental podcasts that look at climate issues of the Estuary, or even poetry about the river. Diverse audio formats are welcome. The scholar will also have the opportunity to engage with artists and conveners from Foreshore Immersive to add additional content to their program as several of the events and conversations from the Immersive also explore climate adaptation.

This program will launch in the early fall (August/September 2023) and will broadcast weekly for one year. Other Sights sees this program as a way to promote and present the Foreshore Immersive and the many topics that it explores. But more importantly, we look forward to the Sustainability Scholar enriching the program with a range of perspectives and ideas that connect to the Fraser Estuary. Building context awareness on critical sustainable and ecological research is just as important as the science and innovation underway. Awareness furthers research and work by fostering new connections, ideas, and partnerships. The scholar’s work will continue to be actively promoted throughout the year as it broadcasts weekly on our radio station.

To learn more about Currents and Waves visit and listen: www.currentsandwaves.ca

To learn more about the UBC Sustainability Scholar Opportunity: https://sustain.ubc.ca/teaching-applied-learning/sustainability-scholars-program/fraser-estuary-research-collaborative

Aerial image of the Fraser River Estuary (source)