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Please join us for these two short presentations followed by discussion. Ferreira da Silva will comment on what might become possible when thinking reaches beyond the limits of reflection. Reading Octavia E. Butler’s female characters, Dana (Kindred), Lauren Olamina (Parable of the Sower) and Anyanwu (Patternist Series) as black feminist poethical renderings of the Real, […]


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Please join us for two 15 minute presentations followed by discussion. Kara Uzelman will present a new work, ‘Where the Necessary Tools Do Not Exist, the Thoughts in Question are Not Expressed and Not Even Conceived’.  Inspired by a summer field-trip to an abandoned brick plant, this work continues an undisciplined line of inquiry into the history […]


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Please join us for these brief presentations followed by discussion. Eric Fredericksen will discuss his interest in how art becomes public, and how sites become specific, through anonymous or publicized interventions, vandalism, parody, and time. Dr. Cissie Fu will approach questions of political art in public space along three vectors–the aesthetics of taking a stance, […]


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The Foreshore: Session 9. Arianne Gelardin on addressing America’s sociopolitical climate through art and public engagement; and Lisa Prentice on politics, therapy and organizing.

The Foreshore: Session 9

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The Foreshore: Session 9

Gelardin will present a selection of projects from StoreFrontLab’s (San Francisco) current season of installations, happenings, discussions and workshops that address America’s sociopolitical climate using the agency of art and public engagement. The series, entitled NOW!, invites an evaluation of progress and demands an end to regressive values through direct action and counteraction.

Prentice asks do therapeutic practices and theories help or hinder social change? Considering the longstanding frictional relationship between Marxism and Freudian theory to the endpoint of today’s tendency to look for an analysis of political events in psychological terms, it would seem that therapy and politics make uneasy bedfellows.

The Foreshore: Session 8

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Join us for these brief presentations followed by discussion. Vanessa Richards will lead a conversation-in-action on the reclamation of the body as instrument of change and song in common life. Marcus Youssef will share his insights on how good activism needs good theatre. He’ll address how the process of collaborating across difference affects, challenges, and […]


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“Deadhead” is a large-scale sculptural installation mounted to a barge and towed by tug to different locations along Vancouver’s waterways. Created by Cedric Bomford in collaboration with his father Jim Bomford (a retired engineer), and brother Nathan Bomford (an artist and builder), the sculpture is constructed primarily from salvaged materials, with some sections wrapped in photographic murals. A curious marine outpost, Deadhead’s enigmatic spaces are designed for public access. This floating artwork begins its life on the water with summer moorage in Heritage Harbour at the Vancouver Maritime Museum from June 14 to September 3, 2014.

When The Hosts Come Home

After the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic athletes gathered their medals and returned to their respective countries, Vancouver’s Olympic Village reverted from dormitory to “home” as condominium owners began to gradually move into the new “Village on False Creek”.

DEADHEAD, Open House and Flag Making Workshop

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OPEN HOUSE (on the barge) 2-5 pm and SIGNAL FLAG MAKING WORKSHOP (Vancouver Maritime Museum) start-ups at 2, 2:30, 3 and 3:30 pm. DEADHEAD, is a floating sculpture created by Cedric, Nathan and Jim Bomford. Free ferry service is provided between the Vancouver Maritime Museum dock and Deadhead. After exploring the floating sculpture’s nooks and crannies, take part […]

The Future is Floating 4

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The Future is Floating 4

As a lead up to the launch of the Bomford’s Deadhead (working title) , a floating sculpture commissioned by Other Sights and Presentation House Gallery, Other Sights’ Communication Office presents the first of a series of conversations about building structures, imaginary, physical or social, at the artists’ GNW studio.

In the research phase of this project the Bomfords initiated a discussion with Geoffrey Carr about his insight into the relationship between the built environment and colonial power on the west coast. For this event, Carr will present some of his research and insight into the authority implicit in the design and construction of residential schools. A discussion between Carr and the Bomfords will follow.