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Image of Grow Bulkhead Lab site July 2011

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Lead Artist, Holly Schmidt

May 1 – November 30, 2011

Grow was a public art project situated on the periphery of the Olympic Village in South East False Creek, Vancouver.

As part of the Grow project, The Bulkhead Urban Agriculture Lab was an intervention into the last remaining section of undeveloped seawall on the south side of False Creek. Responding to the industrial remnants in this vacant lot, the project posed different solutions for growing food in a post-industrial landscape while creating an informal social space for the sharing of knowledge and ideas.

Walks and workshops initiated dialogue and hands-on collaborative projects that explored issues of sustainability, food security and collective experimentation in urban space. These engagements provided a platform for collaborative research and learning.

About the Lead Artist

Holly Schmidt is a Vancouver artist with a research-based practice that engages processes of collaborative research and informal pedagogy. Moving across disciplinary boundaries, she explores the relationships between practices of making, knowledge creation and the formation of temporary communities.

Contributors, Presenters and Partners

Grow involved a wide range of participants and volunteers who came together in a variety of ways to shape this project.
Presenters included Duane Elverum, sustainability educator; Rajdeep Singh Gill, interdisciplinary scholar and curator; Fabiola Nabil Naguib, artist, writer and activist; Ocean Dionne, industrial designer; Alicia Medina Ladagga, architect; Kim Cooper, architect; Duncan Martin, urban farmer; Chloe Bennett, student of landscape architecture UBC; Maria Keating, entomologist and “bug Lady” with City Farmer; and Jason Packer, sustainability consultant.

Presented by Other Sights for Artist’s Projects, Grow was part of an on-going series of artist’s works that address issues of sustainability in the development of South East False Creek.