The Future is Floating

Posted on Mar 13, 2012 in Events


The Western Front 303 East 8th Ave. Vancouver, BC

Please join us on Thursday March 15, Instant Coffee: Feeling So Much Yet Doing So Little

Late last year, Other Sights formed a Communication Office, and we have been talking and thinking about how The Future is Floating in so many ways.

Whether it’s melting ice caps, waves of social unrest, listing economies or just a general sinking feeling, the future is uncertain, and fluidly so. In waving or drowning, we propose a series of events that focus our attentions, invite new ideas and put us face to face, with refreshments. To begin, here:

The recent rezoning application for Broadway and Kingsway has compelled us to scan the horizon of our neighbourhood. We have decided to create an opportunity for creative thinkers to respond to the situation by putting our resistance to one side, to positively imagine a better future. We are pooling our speculative skills to riff on the possibility of economic and other forms of diversity, a different definition of sustainability: to use our critical and problem solving skills without a pre-determined agenda, and without the intent to come to conclusions. Rather, to generate a different kind of conversation.

With Glenn Alteen, Lorna Brown, Brian McBay, Annabel Vaughan

Floats will be served.

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