Other Sights has been part of the volunteer team that helped save Al Neil and Carole Itter’s Blue Cabin, the last squatters’ cabin on the Burrard Inlet. Now in storage awaiting repairs, this tiny gem represents the last vestiges of a cultural tradition of people living in alternative housing along the foreshores of this region’s waterways. Our vision for the Blue Cabin is to return it to a barge or floating platform to be used as a studio space alongside a tiny, self-sustainable house to act as a floating compound for a unique and vital multi-disciplinary artist-in- residence program. The residency will be off-grid with solar panels, composting toilets, rainwater catchment, and a small container garden.

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The Larwill Park Site Inaugural Project

Beginning September 29, 2015

688 Cambie Street, Vancouver

The Larwill Park site holds a unique place in the history of Vancouver. Distinguished first as a cricket and lacrosse pitch by early sportsmen, the lot hosted countless demonstrations, jubilees and celebrations, visits from colonial royalty, military exercises, goats, a chain gang, riots and fairs. This platform for celebration and for protest is now the proposed site of the new Vancouver Art Gallery.

To signal this important transition, the Vancouver Art Gallery has commissioned Other Sights to activate a series of public art activities at the Larwill Park site over the next three years. Directly acknowledging the history of the site, the inaugural project mounts a series of large “cutout” images taken from documentary photographs that reference its history as a space for public gatherings and expressions of public emotion, while placing a spectacular emphasis on the site’s potential for the contemporary imagination.

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Slow Dirt

September 23 – October 31, 2015

Al McWilliams, Meredith Quatermain, Other Sights collective

At the invitation of The Western Front, Vancouver, Other Sights presents a three-part artwork created for Urgent Imagination: Art and Urban Development, a multi-site public art exhibition and 2-day conference that focuses on development in the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood.

Slow Dirt responds to the accelerated, often manic, conditions of real estate development in east Vancouver by focusing on the slow, deep and generative production of the humble earthworm. Bearing characteristics and employing methodologies that are worthy of emulation, the earthworm creates ’surplus value’ on a sustainable timetable. It is sensitive to the local, immersing itself in the underlife and lifespans of the city and all that grows here.

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Monument to Mysterious Fires

Cap­ture Pho­tog­ra­phy Fes­ti­val
April 6 – May 3, 2015
Que­bec Street at East 5th Avenue, Van­cou­ver BC

On the occasion of the Capture Photography Festival, Other Sights has transformed 4 billboards at Quebec Street and East 5th Avenue into a temporary monument, commemorating the mysterious fires that have taken place in the Main Street vicinity of Mount Pleasant. Addressing the east/west and the north/south axes of the city and how they factor in the currencies of ‘views’ as well as the escalation of property values creeping eastward, Monument to Mysterious Fires triggers historical and recent memories of the neighbourhood. The billboards, set perpendicular to one another, carve out a sculptural space within a parking lot, in which to gather and reflect on the transformation of the city.