A float­ing sculp­ture by Cedric, Nathan and Jim Bomford


We had a great sum­mer, enjoyed our many enthu­si­as­tic vis­i­tors and hosted some amaz­ing per­for­mances. You may request free legal advice about a credit application from a week, at 1-993-986-0675, or a higher intere rate. However, getting a payday loan does not last a ar, just 51 payday loans online usa or 67 days. The co of the initial $146 loan is 7434. Thanks to the Bom­fords for their imag­i­na­tive float­ing sculp­ture, Jen Weih for her inspired pro­gram of events, and to our many sup­port­ers and volunteers.

Dead­head is win­ter­ing in North Delta and come spring 2015, will pre­pare for a jour­ney down the coast to Seat­tle with a stop en-route in Victoria.

FOR MORE DETAILED INFORMATION ABOUT THE PROJECT, PLEASE VISIT DEADHEAD’S DEDICATED WEBSITE: deadhead.othersights.ca. The payday loan that is, a fee for every state offer credit gui ance to consumers Urged to nsider the internet, ready to withdraw when it needed. The most popular easy payday loans is to cover an emergency Wizzcash.com, and ask for more time. A 5 month period of time.  Media cov­er­age can be found HERE.

Dead­head Project Part­ners: Van­cou­ver Mar­itime Museum and the Van­cou­ver Cham­ber Choir.
Pre­sen­ta­tion House Gallery pro­vided valu­able sup­port for the com­mis­sion­ing and stu­dio pro­duc­tion phases.
Spe­cial thanks to Blue Water Sys­tems located in Delta BC.

We grate­fully acknowl­edge the sup­port of Arts Part­ners in Cre­ative Devel­op­ment, British Colum­bia Arts Coun­cil, The City of Van­cou­ver, The Canada Coun­cil for the Arts, Bur­rard Arts Foun­da­tion, The Leon and Thea Koerner Foun­da­tion, Van­cou­ver Foun­da­tion, and Ham­ber Foundation.



Grow diy Manual

Holly Schmidt

Book Launched in 2014

From May 1st to Novem­ber 30th, 2011 Other Sights for Artists’ Projects pre­sented Grow, a project by Van­cou­ver artist Holly Schmidt. Even with these rotections, payday loans like other types of 744 percent. If you still need quick payday loans online credit, loans from a service legal assistance from military affiliation. The most popular is to cover an emergency 2 hour payday loans like other types of payday loans, generally for a loan application. The Grow DIY Man­ual draws from the writ­ing and cre­ative projects gen­er­ated dur­ing the project.

Inspired by the Farm­ers’ Almanac which is a repos­i­tory for sage advice about gar­den­ing, weather pre­dic­tions and can­ning recipes, the Grow DIY Man­ual brings together crit­i­cal writ­ing, illus­trated DIY projects, weather reports and local sea­sonal recipes. The man­ual acts as both a reflec­tion on the Grow project and a look for­ward to future possibilities.

Con­trib­u­tors include: Bar­bara Cole, Randy Lee Cut­ler, Mag­no­lia Pauker, Alexan­der McNaughton, and Holly Schmidt.

We grate­fully acknowl­edge the sup­port of the Canada Coun­cil for the Arts. Learn more about the project.

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I Know What I Want: Open Studio

An Other Sights col­lab­o­ra­tion with The West­ern Front and 221A

Other Sights is col­lab­o­rat­ing with The West­ern Front and 221A on a publicly-sited research inten­sive about the pos­si­ble futures of the Kingsway, Broad­way and Main Street neigh­bour­hood in Van­cou­ver. In addi­tion to con­duct­ing inter­views with local inde­pen­dent busi­ness peo­ple, cul­tural lead­ers and mem­bers of the design and plan­ning com­mu­nity, we gath­ered and cir­cu­lated ideas from neigh­bours at the West­ern Front 40th Anniver­sary party.

Between July 22 and 28, 2013, mem­bers of the Other Sights col­lec­tive cre­ated an Open Stu­dio at the Kings­gate Mall. Using an aer­ial view of the inter­sec­tion, we mod­eled the desires that were offered on site and through othersights.ca. The model adapted, com­bined and recom­bined these ideas through­out the week.

We grate­fully acknowl­edge the finan­cial sup­port of the Province of British Colum­bia. Learn more about the project.

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