Finn Again Awakes every three minutes

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ears ago, I went on a James Joyce tear. I started with Dubliners, worked my way through Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man and then Ulysses. The last challenge was Finnegans Wake. Full of puns, verbal wordplay and made-up words, Joyce’s last book has a reputation as a notoriously difficult book to read.Undaunted, I read on. Or, at least, I tried. Again and again, after a few pages, I was completely lost, unable to figure out what I’d just read.

Aaron Carpenter: Ffinnigans Wwake

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Aaron Carpenter: Ffinnigans Wwake

As an OFFSITE extension of the Literally exhibition currently installed at Artspeak, Aaron Carpenter’s new video, Ffinnigans Wwake, will be shown on the outdoor screens at Robson and Granville Streets. In consort with his drawings for the exhibition, Carpenter has taken James Joyce’s text and rendered it as a dramatic text crawl akin to the one at the opening of the Star Wars films.