Bruce Grenville on Eric Deis – pdf

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It is a sad picture, and one that carries a surprising anxiety. The small house is surrounded by chain link fencing, topped with barbed wire, a ‘beware of dog’ sign bars the door, and nearby another hand-scrawled posting advises that the house and lot are not for sale. It is a tiny fortress, buttressed against a panic driven transformation of the urban landscape – last chance to buy, last chance to save the house, last chance to escape – it is hard to tell which is more important – but it is definitely the last chance.

Eric Deis: Last Chance

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Eric Deis: Last Chance

THE WALL is an exciting new artists’ platform made possible through a unique partnership between the Vancouver Heritage Foundation, JJ Bean, and the CBC. THE WALL will feature a changing program of artworks that respond to and reflect upon Vancouver’s built environment. Other Sights for Artists’ Projects is pleased to be involved in this collaborative initiative as the curator of the inaugurative project, Last Chance.