Group Search / Memory Palace – Book Publication

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Other Sights for Artists’ Projects and Doryphore Independent Curators, the Vancouver Public Library and the City of Vancouver Public Art Program are delighted to announce a new publication that documents Group Search and Memory Palace, presented as part of Inside the Library Curatorial Initiatives.

Jordan Strom on T+T – pdf

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In summer of 2007 a banner was proudly unfurled from one of the upper stories of a newly erected condominium tower on the north footing of Vancouver’s Cambie Street Bridge. Printed on it was a picturesque image of False Creek complete with knock-off geodesic dome and striated, pinky-orange sky. The vista approximated the view from the apartments on the opposite side of the building; as the building itself prevented the viewers of the ad, mainly commuters driving, biking or walking southward on the bridge, from seeing the actual vista, the image, in effect, stood in for the view. Below the picture was the phrase, “Who needs art?”