THE FORESHORE: MELT | John Oliver and Carol Sawyer

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Musical investigations into water-related themes, a work in progress Since the summer of 2016 John and Carol have been working on a series of musical investigations into water-related themes, including polar ice melt, acid rain, and most recently, the foreshore of False Creek. Sawyer draws on a wide range of text sources, including wikipedia entries, […]


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Please join us for two short presentations followed by discussion. Papalia will present on his last few years of practice-based research on the topic of organizing for accessibility and mutual aid. Papalia will discuss projects leading up to and including his recent conceptual work Open Access; a new, relational model for accessibility that sets a […]


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Please join us for two short presentations followed by discussion. Based on her experience as a Stevedore and member of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union Brooke will discuss some of the history of the union as well as how the shift toward exclusion and security in the ports and shipping industry obscures our understanding […]


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Please join us for two short presentations followed by discussion. In an approach to decolonization in tentacular thinking, an approach to staying with the trouble, making oddkin, and in a pitch darkness cast by the Enlightenment, Laiwan will speak nearby with recent research navigating creative practice that is, where and what is, distinct from human […]


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Please join us for these two short presentations followed by discussion. Ferreira da Silva will comment on what might become possible when thinking reaches beyond the limits of reflection. Reading Octavia E. Butler’s female characters, Dana (Kindred), Lauren Olamina (Parable of the Sower) and Anyanwu (Patternist Series) as black feminist poethical renderings of the Real, […]


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Please join us for two 15 minute presentations followed by discussion. Kara Uzelman will present a new work, ‘Where the Necessary Tools Do Not Exist, the Thoughts in Question are Not Expressed and Not Even Conceived’.  Inspired by a summer field-trip to an abandoned brick plant, this work continues an undisciplined line of inquiry into the history […]


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Please join us for these brief presentations followed by discussion. Eric Fredericksen will discuss his interest in how art becomes public, and how sites become specific, through anonymous or publicized interventions, vandalism, parody, and time. Dr. Cissie Fu will approach questions of political art in public space along three vectors–the aesthetics of taking a stance, […]

The Foreshore: Session 11

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Martinez and Kreye will host an afternoon of walking, collecting, and sharing in which participants explore movements stemming from sensation, desire and impulse. Through simple exercises, gathering, navigating space, and utilizing objects participants will explore how movements that connect materiality with necessity arise.

The Foreshore: Session 11

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The Foreshore: Session 11

ZOE KREYE creates inter-disciplinary art projects that explore transformation, collective experience and negotiations of public.
GUADALUPE MARTINEZ is an Argentine-Canadian artist based in Vancouver. She holds a BFA from IUNA and an MFA from UBC. With the support of a BC Arts Council´s Early Career Development Grant, she is currently developing her research in Performance Art and Pedagogy.


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Hoàng Nguyễn will discuss her current collaboration with grunt gallery, The Making of an Archive, which is an alternative depository for vernacular photography in which diverse forms of civic engagement performed by minority groups––from care work to protests in public space––are digitized for archival purposes. Dan Pon will present a conceptual view of grunt gallery’s […]